Our Tame

Tame History is the largest city of the plains, which blooms from the plateau as a sign of freedom! this city is tourism and llanera music adds to the beauty and charm of Tame!


Tame the beautiful foothills city, rises majestically in the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental to beautify and show progress, a carpet of emerald Tamen bordering the plateau is watered by hundreds of creeks, streams and rivers that give life to a countless lives, histories and mysteries that make it pretty interesting as well.

Tame the city of the prairie towns named for Simon Bolivar as the cradle of liberty, is now the main focus of the Department of Arauca, the Civic Capital and serves as a strategic economic department.

From Tame road makes its way to the entire department of Arauca and the border with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, this city has a solid economy based on farming, oil, agriculture and tourism on the environment and national history.

It has a steady trade in development that gives strength to the investment of national and international companies, giving impetus to the economy of the department, is an earthly paradise which offers tranquility, relaxation and fun for visitors.


Tame is the city with more cultural celebrations plains in the region, contributing to economic and social development of the department, important events take place as the meeting of Nato Tamen which makes the City Without Borders in Colombia, as this event also carried out in Tame also promoted and performed in Arauca, Saravena, Yopal, Villavicencio, Bogotá (Colombia's Capital) and in some states of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


Their celebrations in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption in August and cattle fairs are very attractive, the joy and the party animal and religious environment of these, where the international tournament joropo and beauty reign of the revolved llanera gold, the school, the coaches, meals, serenading the patron saint of horseback riding, the partying prairie and national bands and singers are the stars of such a great celebration.

In this city llanera history is written every day, and you are part of the story is written here!